My Current Projects

These are projects I’m currently working on, or recently finished. I’ll do my best to keep it updated.

Investigative reporting

I publish investigative stories in New Orleans, Louisiana, where I have been freelancing for four years. Recent accolades include second place for Investigative Reporting in the New Orleans Press Club and the Silicon Bayou 100 most influential people in Louisiana tech.

You can find my stories on my Contently portfolio and contact me for collaborations.

Tools for Reporters

I publish a biweekly newsletter that introduces journalists to a useful new tool every other week. Tools for Reporters is an approachable, hands-on way to keep up with rapid developments in digital journalism.

TFR was named one of the most popular media newsletters of 2019 and has been recommended by Poynter, SPJ, and the Lenfest Institute.

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Teaching and training

I teach journalism tools and techniques at conferences, universities, newsrooms and professional gatherings around the world. Training partners include IRE, SPJ, the Google News Initiative, Boston University and American University in Washington, DC.

You can find my tutorials here or contact me for speaking engagements.


I manage communications for Hacks/Hackers, the world's largest journalism/tech association with more than 100 chapters around the globe. In recent years I have helped launch new groups in Rome, Jakarta, Melbourne and Benin, Nigeria. In 2016, I co-founded the local Hacks/Hackers New Orleans chapter.

If you have questions about Hacks/Hackers or would like to join or start a group, please contact me.

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I am the managing editor of MisinfoCon, a curation of essays and experiments targeting the current misinformation crisis. My anti-misinformation advocacy has included speaking on a panel in Moscow, organizing conferences, traveling to Harvard to brainstorm best practices with other trainers. In 2017, I gave a talk about threat modeling against misinformation in Serbia.

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Articles for journalists

I occasionally write articles for journalists in industry publications. These include Poynter, OpenNews, the Global Investigative Journalism Network and other sites. My articles can be found on my Contently portfolio, and you can email me for freelance work.


I work with Unicode and Emojination to create emoji that better represent different cultures, religions and identities around the world. I proposed seven emoji that will be added to the Unicode library in 2020, including the Russian nesting doll, African hut and polar bear.

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